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“Take me when I ‘m angry and dirty, because after I wash myself and smile everyone will want to take me”

I do not remember who these words are by, but after I read them, they settled inside me for the rest of the time. Children are the most sensitive part of the society, who we have to take care of. As there are children who have lost their families there should also be people who care about this. We believe, that by helping them- our country will be better in the future. It is impossible to choose a child as if it was some item on the shelf, right to be raised belongs to everybody.
There is no more radical intervention into family life than to bring a child who was brought to this world by someone else. It is very complicated and difficult process. But a chance to give brings much more joy than a chance to take. We are sharing our life with these children, nobody knows if they will feel like sharing their lives with us…We are unable to be perfect parents, but we give our best every day. We are next to our children- they can have our experience, knowledge and love. We cannot feel about each of them in same way, but this is not what we need. We create special relationship with each family member which enriches both sides. We are appreciating each one of them unconditionally and step by step getting closer to the goal.

This goal is different for each of us. We discuss a lot, keep sharing our feelings- this is how we come to the conclusions and the truth. The biggest work to do is not with children but with ourselves: we try not to have prejudice and grow together with our kids.

The main message of our daily work and way of life – THERE ARE NO OTHER CHILDREN. We are all closer to each other than we think. We, our children too, care about people who live around us. We keep repeating this to ourselves, like a prayer: let’s not condemn and try to understand. We aspire to raise responsible and sensitive citizens of Lithuania. Only time will show if we will succeed. At the moment, we live here and do what we can.