Mother Vaiva

I have been working as mother for many years, raising four children of my own. More than twenty years ago, we were sure that soviet kindergarten was harmful to our children (we might have been wrong), so we decided to preschool our children by our self. All these years, I have spent at home with our children, were not wasted, I have gained a lot of pedagogical experience it also feels like degree in philosophy.  After children became a bit older I have started working as mentor, nanny, administrator, teacher of Lithuanian language…But something was missing in my life, some change was needed to inspire me. So I have graduated and started my job as a social worker. First, I was working with people with mental illnesses, later with addictions, families in social risk, orphanage… I think that I have a calling to be a social worker.

There is nothing better than spend time with people, talk to them, help, if needed…Sometimes we manage to establish friendly relations, sometimes not…There is no other profession like this, where you can feed the hungry, take care of the one in need, visit the sick …The most sorry I feel for children, who are unwanted by their parents, or wanted, but their parents were unable to take care of them.

Father  Povilas

Has a calling of a train driver. Had been working in this position for twenty years. Povilas was in love with his job. Only after our family increased with six new members, he had to leave his job. Now Povilas is not only raising and educating nine children but also is a full-time driver, cycle fixer, builder, food supplier and anyone we could ever need…He is very creative in putting children to bed, feeding them, comforting their cries and just being next to us.

This is us… Not ideal, but doing our best for the good of these children.