After four of our children have grown up, new, free space has appeared in our home and hearts. Instead of adopting one, we welcomed two new girls to our family home. Not long after, there were more children coming- each with their own painful story.
Once you look into the eyes of a child who lives in an orphanage, you cannot live the same life anymore. This look, full of existential pain, goes straight through you and changes your life in a moment. Then you know, straight away, that you kept living in a vanity fair and things, which are really important are usually written off to social benefits.

We do not like to talk about how bad the system is, we like to take action ourselves. What if we get burned? Who else, if not us?
Please, do not ask how we came up with idea of taking children, who are not ours? How does the government support us? What difficulties do we face? It is not that important. It is not that easy to explain, that daily joy, the happiness which comes from unlimited small things every day. The process, which is made of cheering children, who like to openly share their emotions, who are curious about surroundings, who are looking for answers and keep helping each other, is the engine of our life.
Each member of our family- a present, which came to this world to help us find our way in our life and prioritize.

We very grateful to every of our thirteen children, that you don’t get tired to educate and spiritually improve us.